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Zappit Frequently Asked Questions

Are the applications safe for my family and pets?

All of the products that we use are mixed and applied according to the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In their diluted form they are considered by the EPA to be “practically non-toxic.” There is not a credible study linking lawn care products to any adverse health effects. In most cases, the products we use can be purchased by consumers at your local garden store. For more information on pesticide safety, please visit


How many times a year do you treat the lawn?

Our most popular and effective program consists of 8 treatments per year, but we customize a program to meet your needs.


What if it rains after an application?

Rain following a pre-emergent, fertilizer or lime treatment is good because it washes the product into the soil. However, if weeds are present at the time of the application, and it rains within 4 hours of the application, rain will affect the results. If this is the case, give the application time to work (See below for “How Long before the weeds die?”) and if at this time the weeds do not begin to shrivel up and die, please call us and we’ll gladly re-treat the weeds at no additional cost to you.